Goddess Jane - 8 inch Stiletto Destruction Ball Busting

A ball busting clip centered around my beautiful, ball crus**** heels. The long shiny black stiletto heels rimmed in a vibrant neon pink melts your brain into accepting... even loving... the intense punishment I deliver. 8 inches of spiky destruction crashing down on you over and over as you helplessly watch my strong legs in tight black leggings doing what they do best. crus**** a male, from ego to ballsack. I laugh and humiliate you the whole time I compress and step on your ugly sack, but somehow that just makes the way my perfect body hurts you even hotter.

Studio: Demon Goddess Jane

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Mistress An Li - Ballbusting Detention

You probably know why you've been brought to detention today.
I've had multiple complaints from teachers: you masturbate in class. It's offensive, repulsive, and quite frankly, as your principal, I had higher expectations for you.
I understand you're going through puberty. You're probably getting surprise erections at all hours, and your hormones are making you very..."excited". But this sort of behavior is absolutely unacceptable.
I see only one solution: to beat your balls until you are unable to have an erection all day. No more surprise boners for you! Welcome to ballbusting detention.

Studio: An Lis Ass Emporium

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Bastienne Cross - Your Balls Are My Footrest Humbler Ballbusting

These plump, round balls look like the perfect place to rest my sexy, little feet! Problem is, they're too full, they keep moving around while I try to get comfortable. Each time I place my bare heels on the middle of his balls, they move out of place. Luckily I have my trusty paddle to knead and beat them into a nice flattened shape. It seems they may be a bit too full of cum so I make him release all over himself but just as he starts cumming, I pull his hand away and start beating his balls with my paddle. His cries verify that he knows his place underneath me, his release serves only to drain the pleasure of the experience from him while I laugh in delight! This boy's balls will be perfectly shaped to the contour of my pretty feet by the time I'm done with him, the perfect, obedient foot rest. 

Studio: Ballbuster Bastienne

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