Jaslin Diaz - Humiliation And Big Booty

Jaslin Diaz - Humiliation And Big Booty (май 2021) (SD) BallBustingPornstars.com

Jaslin Diaz was sleeping on her couch while wearing a mini skirt and tank top. While asleep, one of her favorite fans entered her home in the nude, and he began licking her feet, pussy, and armpits!

She woke up and discovered his stiff cock in her mouth, and he greeted her happy birthday! She began attacking his nuts with powerful kicks while wearing her high heels, and he crumbled to the ground in pain.

Jaslin used her big ass to her advantage by pinning him down to the ground and forcing him to lick her pussy! She bounced up and down on his face with her huge ass, and he was forced to endure asphyxiation from her ass cheeks and pussy!

She made him eat her pussy, and she began cumming in her mouth from the lashings of his tongue. Then, she started biting his cock and balls violently! Her sharp jagged teeth dug into his balls, causing him to squeal like a pig!

After an extended amount of cruel cock and ball torture, she began sucking his cock and bobbing up and down on the head of his penis. She licked his balls and cock until he was ready to blow his sticky, wet load of cum all over her mouth! She milked his cock and made him erupt all over her mouth!

Cast: Jaslin Diaz
Added : 10/31/2009
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: Threesome, Group, BallBusting, Foot Fetish, Blowjob, Big Ass, Hardcore, Humiliation, Torture, High Heels, BallBustingPornstars.com, Jaslin Diaz

File Size : 504 MB
Resolution : 960p×540p
Duration : 00:43:43

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