Mistress Vixen - Ball Busting Glory

Mistress Vixen - Ball Busting Glory (май 2021) (FullHD) Mistress Vixen

Fancy coming to bed with me? The stuff of your dreams, right?
Well maybe this clip will dampen your enthusiasm this is some brutal barefoot kicking to the balls, punching to the balls, whipping of balls, barefoot stomping on balls all whilst the slave is tied spread-eagle leaving very little opportunity for hiding those oh so sensitive nuts, and no room for jumping out of the way.
The slave screams like a demented banshee whilst I have my fun. My beautiful feet smash into his balls as I sit on his face, he gets to see my ass as I punch his balls.
I loved filming this clip and as you will hear as I talk to the camera busting balls is one of my very favourite things.

Cast: Mistress Vixen
Added : 12/4/19
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: BallBusting, Anal, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Flogging, Domination, Barefoot, Punching, Slave, Whipping, Mistress Vixen, Mistress Vixen

File Size : 1.73 GB
Resolution : 1920p×1080p
Duration : 00:12:15

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