Asa Akira - Asa Akira is a sexy Japanese ballbusting boss who loves to tease and humiliate you!

Asa Akira - Asa Akira is a sexy Japanese ballbusting boss who loves to tease and humiliate you!  (12/28/2009) (SD)

Asa Akira called in her perverted employee because she caught him masturbating at work several times last week. She began verbally humiliating him and degrading him like a worthless loser, and she began using his face as a seat cushion by smothering him with her firm, sexy ass!

She bounced up and down on his face and forced him to lick her pussy since it was probably the only thing he was good for! Then, she used his tongue to wipe the cum from her pussy while she was cumming on his face.

Next, Asa made him lick her high heels and feet while she was wearing silk stockings! He sucked on her sexy toes and licked her heels like a dog. After worshipping her feet, she concluded that it was time for his balls to become more closely acquainted with her sexy Japanese feet!

Asa Akira kicked him in the nuts rapidly until he fell to the ground. "Get up and take some more pain, you pathetic loser! I know you like to jack off to my feet!"

She abused his nuts with front kicks and vicious knees to his balls while laughing at him and degrading him! Asa Akira even threatened to fire him if he did not obey her every command! She knew that his precious balls were officially her property, and she made him endure a cruel ball busting onslaught to secure his job at Ultima Industries, Inc.

Finally, after a wicked series of kicks, punches, slaps and knees to his balls, she rewarded him with a brutal cockbiting blowjob that had him crying like an injured hyena! He was no longer a man after his meeting with this Japanese ballbuster. He officially became the slave of Asa Akira, and their meeting ended with the most brutal ruined orgasm ever recorded in history!

This insanely awesome Japanese femdom movie contains the following elements of Asian genitorture:
·POV Foot Worship and Facesitting Masturbation Instruction with a Foot Fetish Cumshot and Forced POV Cum Eating
(11 minutes)
·Female Domination with Facesitting and a Female Orgasm
(6 minutes)
·High Heels Foot Worship and Foot Domination in Silk Stockings
(7 minutes)
·Brutal CFNM Ballbusting with Kneeing, Slapping, Kicking and Punching his Naked Balls
(12 minutes)
·Legendary Cockbiting Blowjob with Barely Legal Penis Biting and Testicular Torture - CBT with Teeth!
(10 minutes)
Magnificent Japanese Blowjob by Pornstar Asa Akira and the World's Most Wicked Naked Ballpunching Ruined Orgasm
(7 minutes)

Cast: Asa Akira
Added : 12/28/2009
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: BallBusting, Asian, Foot Fetish, Blowjob, Fetish, Masturbation, CFNM, POV, Girl Orgasm, Torture, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Masturbation Instruction, Foot Domination, Pov Foot Worship, High Heels, Stockings, CBT, Crying, Domination, Punching, Slappi

File Size : 574 MB
Resolution : 720p×480p
Duration : 00:49:56

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