Lady Inessa - Good Enough For Punching!

Lady Inessa - Good Enough For Punching!  (11/27/18) (FullHD)

The only possible use, this slave has for her, is to him for her daily workout. The muscular woman is doing boxing, kick boxing, punching and more, all with this otherwise useless dummy! He can not get his cock up so he is even unfit to use for her sexual needs... She starts to use him as a punching bag for boxing exercises. But her favourite is to let him stand legs open to kick him brutal and many times in his dangling bollocks! These are her kick boxing exercises... He get so many ball kicks that its hardly to believe that he would be able to satisfy a woman anymore and she just don't care anymore... Nothing left for the wimp than to cry like a helpless baby.

Cast: Lady Inessa
Added : 11/27/18
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: BallBusting, Hardcore, Punching, Female Domination, Muscular Women, CBT, Domination, Slave,, Lady Inessa

File Size : 295 MB
Resolution : 1920p×1080p
Duration : 00:07:39

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