Macy Cartel, Raquel Roper - Macy and Raquel - Macy Revisits the Beta Exploitation Specialist for Ballbusting

 Macy Cartel, Raquel Roper - Macy and Raquel - Macy Revisits the Beta Exploitation Specialist for Ballbusting  (4/23/20) (FullHD) Brat Princess 2

1080 HD Macy returns to beta exploitation specialist, Raquel, for more pointers and advice on how to best utilize her beta male. Raquel suggests that Macy start leasing her beta out to a porn production company. Beta’s aren’t especially versatile for porn, but they can be used to make ballbusting videos. Raquel offers Macy 15 percent for the usage of her beta. Macy asks for 20. Raquel agrees to give Macy 20 percent. A deal is struck despite protests from Macy’s beta. Then the beta must unlock itself from chastity. Raquel wants to see how the beta does with some ballbusting since that is the only kind of content he will be used for. Kind of like an audition. One hard kick from Raquel sends the beta flying to the ground in agony. She makes him get up and then gives him a knee. What follows is a flurry of kicks from Raquel as Macy’s beta writhes and screams. What a show! His suffering is sure to entertain. Macy laughs. It’s like she’s just won the lottery. A display like this is sure to earn her money. Raquel explains that this is just a test, but the production company that she is going to sign him to makes videos that are typically like 20 min long. There have been some incidents on set, so they are going to need to get him to sign a waiver next. Raquel has also received some booking requests from wealthy sorority houses in the area looking for a beta male to ballbust as entertainment at parties. Macy agrees to have Raquel book her beta for both the porn shoots and the live entertainment at the wealthy sorority. (8:14 long)

Cast:  Macy Cartel,Raquel Roper
Added : 4/23/20
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: BallBusting, Hardcore, Humiliation, Female Domination, Domination, Brat Princess 2,  Macy Cartel, Raquel Roper

File Size : 198 MB
Resolution : 1920p×1080p
Duration : 00:08:14

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