Amber, Nika Venom - Amber and Nika - Mutt Trained for Ballbusting Clips for Further Exploitation

Amber, Nika Venom - Amber and Nika - Mutt Trained for Ballbusting Clips for Further Exploitation  ( 2/9/21) (FullHD) Brat Princess 2

1080 HD Amber shows off to Nika how she ballbusts her slave. Nika makes her slave, mutt, watch. Mutt is terrified. He does not want his Princess to ballbust him like Amber does her slave. Amber kicks her slave in the balls very hard. Mutt does not want to be kicked like that! Amber warns Nika that after finishing a ballbusting the chastity needs to go back on right away before the swelling sets in. It’s really hard to get the chastity back on once the balls are totally swollen. Nika really appreciates Amber’s pointers. She hopes to be earning extra income with ballbusting videos soon like Amber does with her slave. After ballbusting Amber’s slave, Nika is ready to watch her kick mutt. Mutt hates his first ballbusting! Nika laughs hysterically while Mutt rolls around in agony. Mutt begs Nika to tell Amber to stop. Nika cares too much about the money. She needs Mutt to be trained so that he can be ballbusted for hours and earn as much passive income for her as possible. Nika’s hobby is shopping. Amber kicks her slave some more until he is completely paralyzed with pain to demonstrate to Mutt what a good beta can endure for its Princess. Nika begs Amber to take her beta and train him for more ballbusting over the weekend so that he can be more like Amber’s slave.  (15:36 long)

Cast: Amber,Nika Venom
Added :  2/9/21
Category: Ballbusting
Keywords: BallBusting, Hardcore, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Domination, Slave, Brat Princess 2, Amber, Nika Venom

File Size : 1.05 GB
Resolution : 1920p×1080p
Duration : 00:15:34

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