Ibicella - Anal training and CBT for my foot kissing sissy POV

You're going to prove one more time that you're a very good girl, obedient and slutty. I'm going to make you worship my feet with my nylons, and slap your balls with a hairbrush if you want to get the privilege to kiss the top of my barefeet. Yes, you're going to show me that you really deserve my feet, I want you to make the sweetest sounds with your lips when kissing them! Also, You're going to follow my anal training instructions if you want to cum in a really intense sissygasm later!

Studio: Ibicella.fr

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Lindsey Leigh - Ballbusted By Shiny Thigh High Boots

Are you ready to surrender, stroke, worship, and be BUSTED by these boots? Every single one of you think you can impress me by taking a kick from these boots, and just like the others before, you are going to fall like the rest. I know you love watching me lace these thigh high boots up, preparing to destroy you. You really think I give a s h*t about how hard I'm kicking you? No way boot bitch boy, I only know it's working when I see tears. I enjoy hurting you; I enjoy humiliating you; I enjoy busting your balls, and you will do anything to keep me happy, right?! See, I need you damaged, so you always remember your place as a pathetic bitch loser slave. Lets see if that dick can even cum after all this trauma!

Studio: LindseyLeigh

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Worship An Li - Trampling the Foot Freak's Balls

So you're a foot freak, huh? I can see you staring at my bare feet with a boner in your pants. How horny could you possibly get? I bet my foot soles dangling right in front of your face is all too much to bear... What if I put my bare foot on your crotch? I can tell you like that. I bet this is heaven for you. What if I rub my soles and grind my feet on your cock and balls? I have an even better idea: what if I trample your cock and balls? Your cock stays hard because you love feet so much. You can't even help yourself! A horny, nasty little slut who just looooooves feet so much that even when I'm **** your man junk with my feet, you can't help but stay hard. Let's see how much I can push you... Do you want to be a good bitch? Do you want to please me? Show your appreciation for me with mark-up codes at checkout. You know I deserve the best. Make your adoration known with a little extra for me. It's what your Step-Daddy wants.


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