Jasmine Mendez - Unblocking your Ball's ! HD

Custom: You arrive at home wearing very very slim blue jeans and flat ballerinas,but you have very fluffy hair,your make up is wonderful!!!

You sit and you find a slave waiting for you He need to receive very HARD KICKS in the balls barefoot,and he knows that the deadliest big feet in the world belong to the Beautiful Jasmine Mendez He has a great problem,he cannot cum anymore because he has a block in the balls and he need a big trauma to heal Jasmine can help him You order to take off your shoes,your toes are red painted(please Jasmine,this time really red painted!!!!

not other colors)and you show your soles to the camera for 5 minutes (you stretch your soles and you make appear your feet even longer than they are) placing your feet on a table and starting to impress your slave,he never saw so long soles and so long toes on a woman!!!! Now is BallBusting time ,you put your ballerinas on and you start to kick his balls and his cock(camera is in front of the slave balls and you are behind ,you deliver your kicks from behind,and camera film very close the impact of your feet on his balls and on his cock) After 3 or 4 minutes you take off your shoes and you start to kick barefoot always from behind,please Jasmine choose a strong slave,i would like to see an unprecedented violence,must be your most BallBusting session!!!!!

Camera film very close his balls warp at impact against your feet Now you deliver special dangerous kicks,i mean "TOE KICKS " you hit his balls with your big toe(you keep your big toe hard not to get hurt!!!)

Now you must verify if he is healed,so you make him a wonderful FootJob(stroking his cock with both your long toes) Now his cock explode and a lot of cum cover your long toes! Now you trample his cock and your feet play with his hot load,you collect all his cum with your soles and toes and you show your cummy soles to the camera (film at least 3 minutes!!!!)

The slave is healed and Jasmine is proud of herself, her big feet cannot fail!!!!

Studio: Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas

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Princess Miki - Princess Miki Punishes Her Slave

This clip contains 2 full length clips! One is a ballbusting clip and the other is an otk spanking clip. Both of these are of Princess Miki abu sing her slave both for punishment and her own amusement. Her slave endures some serious pain in both of these clips. Princess Miki knows how to punish her disobedient little bitch!
Clip 1: My ex sugar step-daddy got here late today. He was supposed to get here early, clean my house and make me coffee. Instead I had to make my own coffee and I was really annoyed. I made him strip the instant he came in then I had him lay across my lap. Then with my coffee in my hand, I spanked his bare ass over and over again. I spanked him for being such a bad slave. I spanked him until his ass turned red while I reminded him that he is completely replaceable. What a sorry loser he is. He’ll never be late again.
Clip 2: Today is my slave's lucky day. I'm going to unlock him from chastity. He's been so hard and horny locked up in his cage. He's so excited to be free. The pathetic loser though I was going to let him jerk off. Well I never promised him that lol, I just told him that I would unlock him. I have other plans for him. First I'm going to sit on his face and then I'm going to punish his balls! I spank his pathetic balls over and over and over again for being such a pathetic chronic masturbator. I really inflict some pain on him in this clip! But I think he kinda liked it because his cock was hard the whole time! He's so lucky that I even let him out to bust his balls like this. And when I'm done I make him thank me before I lock his cock back up again.

Studio: Humiliation POV

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Constance, Beau - Constance vs Beau, POINTS BATTLE

Chloe and Beau agree to have a competitive match where the winner will be determined based on points earned. The winner then gets to punish the loser in the Punishment Round!
The rules of the match:
Submission by Facesitting: 5 points
Submission by Scissorhold: 3 points
Submission by Chokehold: 2 points
Any other submission: 1 point
The first person to reach 15 points wins, and gets to punish the loser!

Studio: Goddess Anat Official

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Sheena - Sheena tryout

Fortunately, there is more and more equality in the world. Also because there are fighters like Sheena, who stand up for something like that. Strengthening is meant literally here, because Sheena is an athlethe with incredible strength. Here you can admire how Coach Willy was going downwards, when he didn´t immediately do what she asked him to do. Sheena asked him to be included in the men´s team, kindly at first. The women´s team was a nice group, but for Sheena it was not a great incentive to compete. But Willy was a narrow-minded macho of the old school, and he had to pay for that. In all seriousness, he refused to accept Sheena and also insulted her that she was a girl. Then a real hurricane of pain began. Willy was beaten up, thrown around like a little doll, and Sheena was especially targeting Willy´s balls. A ballbusting DELIGHT. In all imaginable ways, Sheena robbed him of the so-called masculinity until his scrotum was just a shriveled bag. 
In the end, Willy lies crying on the floor and Sheena told him that she is no longer interested in playing on his team, as this is her team from now on. It is now called coach Sheena and lawn care worker Willy!

Studio: Empress Sheena

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Demon Goddess Jane - Trick or Treat Ballbusting JOI

It's time for some Femdom trick or treating this Halloween season! You want to stroke that cock but I'm going to make sure it happens exactly the way I want it to... the treat is you get to pump while worshipping my pretty bubble butt, the trick is you have to alternate each stroke with slapping your cock and balls! I keep count on the screen for you so there is no wiggle room or going at your own pace. You do it exactly how and when I tell you if you want the treat of my ass bouncing on your screen.

Studio: Demon Goddess Jane

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Demon Goddess Jane - Real Ball Buster 4 w Captions Femdom CBT

My real ball buster series is just so amazing. My face lights up in the most glorious way when I see males in pain, especially when I'm the one causing the pain! From crop spankings, to closed Fisst punching, to booted ball busting this clip has it all. Serious exposure and serious pain. This is the first time I got a chance to use the CBT component a personal slave made for the spanking bench, and boy do I have fun! There are a few lovely moments worth watching over.. and over....

Studio: Demon Goddess Jane

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Amber, Nika Venom - Amber and Nika - Mutt Trained for Ballbusting Clips for Further Exploitation

1080 HD Amber shows off to Nika how she ballbusts her slave. Nika makes her slave, mutt, watch. Mutt is terrified. He does not want his Princess to ballbust him like Amber does her slave. Amber kicks her slave in the balls very hard. Mutt does not want to be kicked like that! Amber warns Nika that after finishing a ballbusting the chastity needs to go back on right away before the swelling sets in. It’s really hard to get the chastity back on once the balls are totally swollen. Nika really appreciates Amber’s pointers. She hopes to be earning extra income with ballbusting videos soon like Amber does with her slave. After ballbusting Amber’s slave, Nika is ready to watch her kick mutt. Mutt hates his first ballbusting! Nika laughs hysterically while Mutt rolls around in agony. Mutt begs Nika to tell Amber to stop. Nika cares too much about the money. She needs Mutt to be trained so that he can be ballbusted for hours and earn as much passive income for her as possible. Nika’s hobby is shopping. Amber kicks her slave some more until he is completely paralyzed with pain to demonstrate to Mutt what a good beta can endure for its Princess. Nika begs Amber to take her beta and train him for more ballbusting over the weekend so that he can be more like Amber’s slave.  (15:36 long)

Studio: Brat Princess 2

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Sara, Aya - MLDO-178 Part 7 / Freeleech!

It was fate that this pizza delivery man delivered the pizza late to Sara and Aya. The girls bullied him and made him take his clothes off, stepped on him with their boots, and made him lick the boots. The girls felt that he had a masochistic tendency so they brought him inside the room and started to do some extreme ballbusting, blindfolding, smelling of stockings, feet, and armpits, whippings, face spitting, face sitting, suffocation, human toilet, golden showers, licking the toilet clean, being a human punching bag, being a wrestling rag-doll, licking a strap-on after being fucked by it, breathing restricted with a wrap, receiving hand job hell by stopping ejaculation right before, candle play on his dick, giving him a double golden shower, and repeating everything so to train him to be a willing masochistic slave so he will never want to leave the house ever again.

Studio: Mistress Land - SLAVE BEWARE

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