Kerri King - The Real Scissoring CBT

It's time to deny yourself your greatest pleasure...a hard, greedy dick. You wish you had the ability to beat, alas, I take that away with a little game of MALE "scissoring." Every time you get hard, you'll have to take your punishment. If you can't control yourself, you just might lose it all...

Studio: KerriKing

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Goddess Platinum, Princess Alexandria - Tag Team Trauma Tag Team Trauma G-P-A || Goddess Platinum and Princess Alexandria || Two terrifying Amazon-esque FemDommes who are regularly cited as the two most vicious ball-busters in the Mean Girl Canon. And with a pairing like this, youd expect a slave that at least looked like it might be adequately built to handle such forthcoming trauma. But in an insane turn of events, the two Divine Destroyers of all things Dangling, are pitted against what looks to be a scrawny, malnourished, 130lbs soaking wet, twig of a slave thing... on its face, this looks like an incredible mismatch, but thats why They do actually put the thing through its paces and push its limits... We wont give away too much here in the write up, but if you havent seen Platinum or Alexandria wayleigh a losers sack, (and provided youre into ballbusting) this is definitely one you want to check out... PlatinumsMeanGirls

Studio: Platinums Mean Girls

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Eva de Vil - Surrender As My Permanent Bitch

Surrender As My Permanent Bitch [Custom, no name] I’m extremely disappointed with your level of submission. I won’t accept half hearted devotion. I’ve imprisoned you and I intend to punish you until you relinquish yourself as my permanent bitch boy. You’re tied up, naked, with nowhere to go.I whip you with my crop until you cry out in pain. Are you ready to surrender? No?You curse at me and demand to be freed. You’re going to pay for saying that. I shove a ball gag in your mouth and laugh as you beg with the rubber wedged between your teeth.The pain can stop if you just give in and embrace your purpose.I notice that you’re actually fully erect. I think you’re enjoying this, slut. I decide to try a different tactic… using my supple, leather glove to stroke your cock.I ask you one last time if you’ll surrender to me to become my permanent slave. You cum hard at that exact moment and it tells me everything I need to know. This is only the beginning, bitch Screens: Show


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