Bratty Bunny - My Way CEI

You're going to do it my way. You cannot pussy out on me. You'll be a good cum eating slave for me today. Every task I give you, you'll finish through. There's a sprinkle of CBT in there to see how well you will obey me. Can you handle all my instructions? Yes, you have no choice but to do it. MY WAY, there's no other way. Be a good CEI slave for me today and finish through how I want you to eat up all that cum for me.

Studio: BrattyBunny

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Mistress Anette (Minnie Manga) - Massive cock

Mistress Anette is sitting on her throne, fixing her massive strapon. Then she grabs her slave from behind and while finishing her cigarette, she tries to make the gigantic cock disappear in his ass. She's got little succes, only the tip goes in and the slave is already trembling, screaming.

Studio: Cruel Punishments

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Becky - Ballbusting And Ass Worship

Becky kicks a slave in the balls over and over because he is worthless. Beta male testicles have no use, so she kicks them. She makes the slave go on all fours on the floor and kicks him while he is humbled. After she is done kicking, she reapplies her lipstick while the slave licks her ass. Then, after some ass worship, she goes back to kicking his balls. Becky drills the slave by making it go back and forth between worshipping her ass and kicking its testicles. The merciless cycle never ends.

Studio: BratPrincess

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