Worship An Li - Trampling the Foot Freak's Balls

So you're a foot freak, huh? I can see you staring at my bare feet with a boner in your pants. How horny could you possibly get? I bet my foot soles dangling right in front of your face is all too much to bear... What if I put my bare foot on your crotch? I can tell you like that. I bet this is heaven for you. What if I rub my soles and grind my feet on your cock and balls? I have an even better idea: what if I trample your cock and balls? Your cock stays hard because you love feet so much. You can't even help yourself! A horny, nasty little slut who just looooooves feet so much that even when I'm **** your man junk with my feet, you can't help but stay hard. Let's see how much I can push you... Do you want to be a good bitch? Do you want to please me? Show your appreciation for me with mark-up codes at checkout. You know I deserve the best. Make your adoration known with a little extra for me. It's what your Step-Daddy wants.


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Riley - Ballbusting Fun for Princess

Riley loves kicking balls. Like most girls, she has a lot of frustration about male privilege. Kicking balls is very fun. A girl can let all her anger towards men out. Riley kicks her slave in the balls over and over. She loves to see him doubled over in pain. When she’s done with the kicks, she gets him with her knees. When she’s tired of that she gets out the cock trample board and really lets him have it!

Studio: BratPrincess

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Ira, Julia Black - Ira and Julia Black Domination

I have a collection of such semi forceful videos comment on this and I will post more. Two young goddesses force a naive slave into pegging in a bathroom, simultaneously mercilessly slapping his face, body and cock. The pegging is then followed by a brutal deepthroat while the other goddess beats him red, after that there is a bit of toilet humiliation proceeded by cbt where his cock is crushed by beautiful heels, then the slave is trampled where the goddess mercilessly jumps on him. The slave screams cries and pleads. This is one of the best video by "Young-Goddesses" I will be uploading more of them soon.

Studio: Young-Goddess

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