Mistress Iside - Final Erection

This slave always seems too much happy to see me and it is not something he expresses by words but together his happiness there is an inopportune erection that certainly does not go unnoticed !!! All this annoys me but he keeps saying that he can't do anything about it, that it's not his fault, that he can't understand the reason. The typical excuses that any slave would say to justify a behavior he desperately tries to hide. Since he can't find a different solution to the problem at this point I just  have to use hard ways and I'm sure that after I will destroy his balls with my dedly kicks this cock won't have all the energy to pull himself up. I will hit it repeatedly with maximum power so that this slave will say goodbye not only to this current erection but also to future ones ..... GUARANTEED !!! 

Studio: Mistress Iside

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