Gia Primo - Gia Primo Says Give Up Your Balls Full

Could you give your balls up to Gia? Remember you only have one set, and once it is broken you will never get another one. At least not one that works! Just imagine if you where this subject as you read on. Gia has her subject kneeling in front of her. He is going to offer up his manhood to her. She toys with him and verbally his precious manhood. Kicks follow. These are the hard type that she so sexily holds deep in his groin. Gia crushes his balls beneath her powerful feet and even stands on him with all her weight. He is ruined by the end of this clip, and this was only the beginning of the shoot! Gia is amazing. She defined what a ballbuster should be before anyone even knew it. (HIGH QUALITY

Studio: Suburban Sensations Ballbusting,

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